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This is a project for Brackeys Game Jam 2021. A team of 5 from around the world came together to make a VR game for Oculus Quest based on the theme "Stronger Together".


You are an AI controlling a team of robots in a crypto/bitcoin farm. Deliver the bitcoin seed to the planting pot.


  • Download from Itch.io
  • Install to your Oculus Quest via sideloading/sidequestvr.com


  • There are 3 Levels. Press B to open a menu and select a level.
  • The goal is to move the yellow bitcoin from left to right, planting it to make a bitcoin tree - do this 4 times to win the level.
  • The robots mirror your motion. You need to work with yourself to succeed.
  • Avoid letting the coin hit an obstacle. If it does, it will be destroyed and re-spawn at the left.
  • Press TRIGGER to overload the magnet and release the coin - you need to do this to drop it.


  • Amanda Parks - Tech Art & VFX
  • Kieran Ritchie - Environment 3D Art
  • Shirly Spikes - Music & Sound Design
  • Shaun Norton - Programming
  • Gamer Reality - Programming & Level Design

Install instructions

Install by sideloading to your Oculus Quest via Sidequestvr.com


robotcoin-game-2021.apk 57 MB


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Loved this game so fun and cute plz tell me more to come. The controls were flawless did exactly what I did, not off by one second! Play this game guys and gv them a follow, will be donating to this project for sure!!

Nice game. Easy to pick up and the penalty for getting it wrong is not too harsh. You do have to concentrate when moving the coin from one robot to another. It would be nice to have a high score system to encourage more repeat play. Any more levels planned?